Embracing the spirit of “Showing Taiwan to the world, bringing the world to Taiwan,” seeking to strengthen international contact, and wishing to improve the domestic percussion music learning environment, the Ju Percussion Group Foundation has held the Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp (TIPSC) since 1999, and this event is now in its 21st session. “Take summer vacation with art, see the future from the world”—TIPSC is current one of the most representative percussion summer camps worldwide, and has laid a foundation for the development of Taiwan into a center of global percussion music.



Tomasz Goliński

Polish composer Tomasz Goliński is a very important composer and performer in the global percussion music scene. He has received composition commissions from many countries, composing solos, ensembles, concertos, film scores and other works in different formats. In addition to being recognized by many international competitions, marimba repertoire is often selected as the designated music in international competitions. He holds master's degrees in percussion, chamber music and marimba solo and a bachelor's degree in composition from several conservatories. He has also held master classes in various countries, served as guest judges, and lectured at music academies in various countries. Currently a endorsed musician for Yamaha and Innovative Percussion Inc.

Irena Manolova

Irena Manolova is an internationally renowned marimba and percussionist. She founded the Lucie de Marimba Duo, which performs actively throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America, and has won numerous awards in music competitions in various countries. She graduated with honors from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Antwerp, Belgium, with a master's degree in marimba and percussion. He has served as a guest percussionist in orchestras such as the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, Netherlands Chamber Orchestra in Amsterdam, and the Vienna New Opera. He holds master classes in various countries, serves as a guest judge, and lectures at music academies in various countries. Currently a endorsed musician for Yamaha and Innovative Percussion Inc.

Jesus Diaz

Jesus Diaz is good at playing multiple instruments. As an arranger and singer, his skills are superb. He is one of the most sought-after musicians and studio musicians in the world. He also serves as a music lecturer and has been invited to participate in many famous performances. Lectures and workshops, such as Berklee College of Music, Stanford University Jazz Workshop, New York Drummer Training Center, West Jazz Camp, etc. Diaz collaborated with members of his band Talking Drums, including percussionists Michael Spiro and David Garibaldi, to produce percussion performance tutorials and instructional videos released by Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Kanade Sato

Kanade Sato started learning drums at the age of 3 and started her professional drumming career at the age of 14. She has appeared in the Japanese NHK TV series "Musica Piccolyno" for 6 consecutive years. The first Japanese to win the Grand Prix in the 2014 Global Female Drummer Competition "Hit Like A Girl". In 2017, she served as the drummer of the Japanese fusion band "Ear Candy Jazz Factory". She is known as the "Drum Princess" because she is only 20 years old, has a sweet appearance, and wears a princess tiara when playing drums. Currently acting as spokesperson for Roland, Pearl, SABIAN, REMO and other companies.


Marimba Marimba

Tomasz Golińsk, a very important composer in the percussion world and a member of the Lucid Duo, serves as the instructor. He will use superb skills and delicate xylophone interpretation to lead the students to have a very touching experience from the perspective of a composer. Powerful xylophone playing and in-depth cultivation of students' playing ability.

Percussion Ensemble Percussion Ensemble

Irena Manolova serves as the instructor. She founded the Lucid Duo and has won numerous awards in major competitions in various countries. By mastering the tacit understanding of playing, the expressiveness of timbres and phrases, you can share the beautiful relationship between ensembles and experience the fun of mutual collision.

Latin Rhythm Latin Rhythm

Inviting the world's hottest percussionist and studio musician Jesus. Jesus Diaz serves as the instructor. The course mainly uses the cajon, using the rich changes and techniques of Latin rhythms to lead everyone to understand the varied rhythm patterns.

Drum Set Drum Set

Kanade Sato, who is extremely popular on the Internet platform and is very popular among young percussion students in 2023TIPC, serves as the instructor. She has been on the international stage since she was three years old. She shares her own experience with the students and trains limb coordination. Integrate with , and feel the ease of picking up the rhythm when playing.


Integrating art forms from different disciplines is now a part of mainstream performance. For this year’s Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp, we’ve not only invited well known professionals to hold workshops on percussion instruments, we’ve also carefully planned lectures that cut across the traditional and the modern, as well as Taiwanese and world cultures. The inclusive events are an opportunity for cultural exchange and for students to move from one art form to another, giving them a more complete understanding of the performance arts. By applying the inspiration from this interdisciplinary approach to percussion performances, the student will ignite his or her creativity when taking to the stage.