Embracing the spirit of “Showing Taiwan to the world, bringing the world to Taiwan,” seeking to strengthen international contact, and wishing to improve the domestic percussion music learning environment, the Ju Percussion Group Foundation has held the Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp (TIPSC) since 1999, and this event is now in its 20th session. “Take summer vacation with art, see the future from the world”—TIPSC is current one of the most representative percussion summer camps worldwide, and has laid a foundation for the development of Taiwan into a center of global percussion music.



Emmanuel Séjourné

Emmanuel Séjourné is a French composer and percussion artist. His music is rythmic, romantic, energetic, inspired both by the Western classical tradition and by popular culture (jazz, rock, extra-Européan). His compositions are played in dozens of countries every year, and many orchestras include theim in their repertoire : Sinfonia Toronto, Luxembourg Philharmonic, among others. Emmanuel Séjourné makes a career as an instrumentalist. Together with a saxophoniste Philippe Geiss, he founded the ensemble Noco Music, wich gained the European Audiovisuel Grand Prix. As a soloist, as well as with the ensemble Accroche-Note, he has so far premiered over hundred pieces of music including concertos, chamber music and solos, and has been giving concerts all over the world. He is head of “percussion Dpt” Music Supérieur Academy Strasbourg.

Sylvie Reynaert

After studying at CNSM Lyon, Sylvie Reynaert won several chamber music awards with the duo pianisticks such as prize at the European Chamber Music Competition of the FNAPEC and special prize at the UFAM International Chamber Music Competition.
In addition to her teaching activities, she regularly works with composers, improvisers, dancers (Carolyn Carlson National Choreographic Center) and improvised concerts with the painter Mathias Duhamel.She records as a leader, a CD where she takes the themes of West Side Story by Leonard Berstein, improvising vibraphone accompanied by cello, piano and drums.She regularly plays duet with Emmanuel Sejourne (duo concerts as well as Double Concerto all over the world: Europe, Brazil, Korea, Turkey ...)She also composes educational pieces for the Dahlmann and Billaudot editions.In 2015, she is appointed Principal Professor of Department Percussion at theStrasbourg Conservatory. She teaches all classical percussion instruments and conduct the big percussion orchestra "Kolossal Percussion Orchestra".

Hasegawa Tadashi

Tadashi Hasegawa is a Grade 1 official instructor of the Nippon Taiko Foundation. In 1979, he established the Toyo-no-kuni Yufuin Genryu-daiko in Yufu City, Oita Prefecture. With members of the Toyo-no-kuni Yufuin, Tadashi Hasegawa has performed throughout Japan, as well as internationally, in an effort to spread this unique branch of Japanese culture. In 2007, Genryu-daiko was designated as an intangible cultural heritage of Yufu City. In 1993, Hasegawa founded the All Kyushu Taiko Union, where he served as Chairman until his recent nomination as Honorary Chairman. In 1998, Hasegawa was elected as one of the directors of the Nippon Taiko Foundation, before assuming the position of vice-chairman in 2008, a post he still holds today. In 2011, he took first place in the 8th annual Nippon Taiko Senior Competition.  

Lindsay Artkop

Lindsay Artkop is an Artist and Independent Drummer based in Los Angeles, California. Lindsay began playing drums at six years old, and has since graduated from Educational Center For The Arts High School and Berklee College of Music, with a BA in Professional Music. She won first place in the International Hit Like a Girl Contest in 2015. She currently creates original music and also goes on tour and plays and records drums for other artists and bands. Lindsay is an avid Music Educator, having performed clinics at PASIC, NYU, and 9 Beats in China. She also teaches Skype Drum Lessons online and Private Lessons in Los Angeles.


Keyboard Ensemble

Summer camp has invited the internationally-prominent Emmanuel Séjourné, who is head of “percussion Dpt” Music Supérieur Academy Strasbourg, to Taiwan to teach keyboard ensemble classes. Emmanuel will use several charming keyboard ensemble works to teach how to unify the tones of a keyboard ensemble, and will let students practice together with voice parts while learning the subtleties of musical interpretation.

Percussion Ensemble

The different tones of the many kinds of percussion instruments let them join together to create wonderful, enchanting music, and the musicians can also enjoy the subtle thrill of collaborative playing. Instructor Sylvie Reynaert will use her superlative teaching skills to guide students as they establish rapport and learn to play as a team, while sharing the fun of ensemble performance.


The tradition of the Japanese Taiko is long-standing, and it is closely related to the Japanese court music and dance, the worship of the gods, and even the war to defeat the enemy. It is now developed into a performance style that combines strength and beauty. This time, we invited Hasegawa Tadashi, the director of the Toyo-no-kuni Yufuin Genryu-daiko in Yufu City, Oita Prefecture, to teach the rich and varied Taiko drums, the sense of body and coordination, and the students to grow up in the shocking encouragement.

Drum Set

Because a drum set can express a vast variety of rhythmic forms, it is a perennial favorite, and can be used in a wide range of musical styles. Learning to play a drum set requires using of hands and feet, the training process can strengthen coordination of the limbs. This year's summer camp has invited the internationally-famous jazz drummer Steve Houghton to teach a drum set class, and he will teach students to play the drum set from new, fun angles, as they realize the boundless possibilities of the drums!


Interdisciplinary artistic fusion has recently become a mainstream performing format. Apart from engaging well-known faculty to teach topics concerning percussion music, this year's percussion music summer camp also offers a well-planned series of performing arts lectures covering smorgasbord of the traditional and modern, and including the culture of Taiwan and the world. Such a wide range of topics will provide opportunities for cultural interchange, and expose students to many performing arts. Students will also be able to apply their inspiration gaining from these performing arts to percussion music, and then achieve new heights of interdisciplinary creativity!