Embracing the spirit of “Showing Taiwan to the world, bringing the world to Taiwan,” seeking to strengthen international contact, and wishing to improve the domestic percussion music learning environment, the Ju Percussion Group Foundation has held the Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp (TIPSC) since 1999, and this event is now in its 22nd session. “Take summer vacation with art, see the future from the world”—TIPSC is current one of the most representative percussion summer camps worldwide, and has laid a foundation for the development of Taiwan into a center of global percussion music.

TIPSC has broadened its perspective to the whole world, and every year invites world-class percussionists and music educators to teach in Taiwan. In addition, the members of the Ju Percussion Group will participate in the entire summer camp. Apart from this, TIPSC will also feature a painstakingly-planned performing arts lecture series, which will rely on interdisciplinary learning to lead students on a journey of exploration concerning percussion music and various other types of art.

The workshops at the 2024 22st Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp will include the four major topics of Marimba, Percussion Ensemble, Cajon, and Drum Set and will cover the Taiwan’s traditional culture, drama, and dance. The eight-day camp’s classes and activities will be held in the visually-appealing, well-equipped facilities of Taipei National University of the Arts. While they learn percussion music, students will also meet like-minded friends and create wonderful youthful summer memories!