Embracing the spirit of “Showing Taiwan to the world, bringing the world to Taiwan,” seeking to strengthen international contact, and wishing to improve the domestic percussion music learning environment, the Ju Percussion Group Foundation has held the Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp (TIPSC) since 1999, and this event is now in its 21st session. “Take summer vacation with art, see the future from the world”—TIPSC is current one of the most representative percussion summer camps worldwide, and has laid a foundation for the development of Taiwan into a center of global percussion music.



Chris Hanning

Chris. Hanning is professor and dean of percussion at the Wells School of Music at West Chester University. In addition to being an educator and composer, he is also an active jazz and classical percussionist. He has performed in famous venues such as Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center and the Royal Albert Hall in London. At the same time, as the spokesperson of Vic Firth, Pearl / Adams, Remo and Zildjian, he has demonstrated his powerful and steady percussion skills at universities, conferences and percussion festivals at home and abroad. He also served as the president of the International Percussion Art Association in 2019 and 2020.
Chris. Mr. Hanning has recorded numerous recordings with many artists over the years and won multiple Emmy Awards. In this jazz drum course, I will use my years of experience in working with the orchestra to guide students to explore the endless rhythm changes on jazz drums!

Aurél Holló

Aurél Holló is one of the most versatile artists on the Hungarian music scene. According to his own admission, the active and parallel cultivation of different musical genres creates for him the balance necessary for creation and continuous renewal. He is a member of the Amadinda Percussion Group since 1991, teacher of the percussion department of the Bartók Conservatory in Budapest since 1996 and a member of the team coordinating the school's new music projects. He’s the regular member of UMZE Chamber Ensemble, the leading contemorary music group of Hungary. With his transcriptions and compositions, he played an important role in the development of Amadinda's special repertoire, and at the same time in enriching the literature of chamber music for percussion. In the past decades, he has worked with renowned artists such as Tabea Zimmermann, Péter Eötvös, Kirill Gerstein, Zoltán Kocsis, György Kurtág, Zoltán Rácz, Dezső Ránki, András Schiff, Dénes Várjon, James Wood and the RIAS Kammerchor. As a member of the Amadinda, he received the Kossuth Prize in 2004 and the Béla Bartók-Ditta Pásztory Prize in 2008.

Theodor Milkov

The Greek percussionist Theodor Milkov is widely recognized as one of the most innovative marimba players in the world. Well-known for his pianistic approach to the instrument, revolutionary ideas and technical abilities, he has succeeded in bringing the art of marimba performance to entirely new heights. Milkov's repertoire includes virtuosic transcriptions of music originally written for harpsichord and piano, as well as contemporary compositions dedicated to himself.

Chien-Chien Lu

Chien Chien Lu is a vibraphonist, contemporary percussionist, and composer whose Taiwanese upbringing, classical music education, and passion for grooves crystallize into a fresh and distinctive approach to contemporary jazz.

Lu has recently been included in the list of 10 Emerging Jazz Artists 2023 by Grammy (Recording Academy). Her collaborative album with bassist Richie Goods “CONNECTED“just received 34th Golden Melody Awards “Best Instrumental Album“ award. Her fierce authenticity and jazz mastery shine bright on her September 2020 debut solo project, “THE PATH”, which spent 20 weeks on the Jazz Week Charts Top 20, earned “Best Jazz Songs” in Golden Indie Music Awards and three Golden Melody Awards nominations, four Golden Indie Music Awards nominations and led to Lu’s being named the “vibraphone rising star” in Downbeat Magazine’s 69th Annual Critics Poll. Lu’s band has also played many prestigious festivals including the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival, DC Jazz Festival and toured extensively in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Accompanied on The Path by an elite cast of musicians, Lu offers a unique, intersectional perspective on modern jazz as a Taiwanese-born woman vibraphonist with a masters in classical music from Taipei National University of the Arts as well as in jazz from University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

In 2015, Lu came to the United States to study jazz vibraphone with Philadelphia’s Tony Miceli, and graduated with a Masters of music in Jazz Studies from University of the Arts in Philadelphia shortly thereafter. In 2017, she attended the prestigious Banff Jazz Residency under the direction of jazz pianist, Vijay Iyer, where she first met jazz trumpeter Jeremy Pelt. From there, Lu began to perform regularly in the U.S, Europe and Asia. and was invited to join the esteemed Jeremey Pelt Quintet.

She finished recording her sophomore solo project “BUILT IN SYSTEM”and planning to release it in Fall 2023.


Marimba Marimba

Through its diverse array of variation, the warm, clear, and soft timbre of Marimba can express a variety of magnificent, lyrical, dexterous, graceful, and rich sounds that can release a stunning musical energy. Theodor Milkov, a first-timer in Taiwan as a percussion summer camp lecturer, will guide students to experience resonating Marimba performances through her refined techniques and delicate interpretations of the music.

Percussion Ensemble Percussion Ensemble

Sparks fly when a percussion ensemble works together to create a unique musical sound through the inclusion of a variety of percussion instruments, melding together into a rich, dynamic musical movement. Among all this richness of sound, the listener can still discern the intricacies of the ensemble. The well experienced Aurél Holló will use her excellent and lively teaching style to guide students to learn how to work collaboratively and experience the joy of playing in an ensemble.

Percussion Ensemble Jazz Vibraphone

The timbre of the Vibraphone is both soft and firm, and its playing skills are complicated. It is a relatively young instrument among the common instruments in jazz, but it occupies a place in the development of jazz. This time, Chien-Chien Lu, a young jazz Vibraphone player from Taiwan who lived in the United States, was invited to bring students a special course that combines free, jumping and creative jazz music with contemporary percussion music!

Drum Set Drum Set

The drum set is very popular for its ability to express many kinds of rhythms and a diverse array of performance styles. The most difficult thing about playing the drum is having to coordinate all of your limbs. Under the guidance of Chris Hanning, the student will practice until he or she feels comfortable picking up the rhythm. As you get a feel for how to play the drums and move your body, you’ll be carried away by the rise and fall of the drumbeats.


Integrating art forms from different disciplines is now a part of mainstream performance. For this year’s Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp, we’ve not only invited well known professionals to hold workshops on percussion instruments, we’ve also carefully planned lectures that cut across the traditional and the modern, as well as Taiwanese and world cultures. The inclusive events are an opportunity for cultural exchange and for students to move from one art form to another, giving them a more complete understanding of the performance arts. By applying the inspiration from this interdisciplinary approach to percussion performances, the student will ignite his or her creativity when taking to the stage.