Embracing the spirit of “Showing Taiwan to the world, bringing the world to Taiwan,” seeking to strengthen international contact, and wishing to improve the domestic percussion music learning environment, the Ju Percussion Group Foundation has held the Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp (TIPSC) since 1999, and this event is now in its 21st session. “Take summer vacation with art, see the future from the world”—TIPSC is current one of the most representative percussion summer camps worldwide, and has laid a foundation for the development of Taiwan into a center of global percussion music.



Vassilena Serafimova

Serafimova is the first Bulgarian performer ever to claim the World Marimba Competition championship, and she is now active in the contemporary European music scene. She was invited to participate in the 10th TIPC (Taiwanese International Percussion Convention) in 2019, where for the first time she performed a duet with French pianist Thomas Enhco. Their performance was highly praised.

Yi-Ping Yang

Yang is a percussionist from Taiwan who has spent over 20 years in France. She has degrees in performance arts from France’s National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Lyon, Switzerland’s Geneva University of Music, and Germany’s Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Yang has also won first prize in three large competitions: the Percussion Trio at the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg, the International Timpani Competition of Lyon, and the TROMP Percussion Eindhoven. In 2014, she participated in the 8th Taiwan International Percussion Convention (TIPC) as a soloist, where her unique style was met with high praise from fans.

Jesus Diaz

Diaz is highly skilled in Latin instruments like the cajon, the bongo, and the conga while also being a composer and singer. He’s the world’s hottest instrumental performer in any studio, and is one of the most significant musicians in the drumming world.

Charlie Kenny

Kenny has been a professional drummer at Xenomania Records, Talon Music, and Ten21 Recording Studios in Kent County, England, and has done recordings for many famous artists. Lately he has been very active in making custom drum set music and teaching on online platforms.



Through its diverse array of variation, the warm, clear, and soft timbre of Marimba can express a variety of magnificent, lyrical, dexterous, graceful, and rich sounds that can release a stunning musical energy. Vassilena Serafimova, a first-timer in Taiwan as a percussion summer camp lecturer, will guide students to experience resonating Marimba performances through her refined techniques and delicate interpretations of the music.

Percussion Ensemble

Sparks fly when a percussion ensemble works together to create a unique musical sound through the inclusion of a variety of percussion instruments, melding together into a rich, dynamic musical movement. Among all this richness of sound, the listener can still discern the intricacies of the ensemble. The well experienced Yi-Ping Yang will use her excellent and lively teaching style to guide students to learn how to work collaboratively and experience the joy of playing in an ensemble.


Originating in Peru, the cajon is a very popular percussion instrument. What’s special about this instrument is that it is played by hitting the sides of the drum with the hands. Different sounds are produced by different techniques. The cajon can also be played to make a range of timbres and styles by using the soles of the feet or foot pedals. The 2021 TIPSC has invited the world-renown percussionist Jesus Diaz to be one of the camp lecturers, where he will help students gain a deep understanding of the multitude of ways to play the cajon, and will steep them in the passionate music of Latin America.

Drum Set

The drum set is very popular for its ability to express many kinds of rhythms and a diverse array of performance styles. The most difficult thing about playing the drum is having to coordinate all of your limbs. Under the guidance of Charlie Kenny, the student will practice until he or she feels comfortable picking up the rhythm. As you get a feel for how to play the drums and move your body, you’ll be carried away by the rise and fall of the drumbeats.


Integrating art forms from different disciplines is now a part of mainstream performance. For this year’s Taipei International Percussion Summer Camp, we’ve not only invited well known professionals to hold workshops on percussion instruments, we’ve also carefully planned lectures that cut across the traditional and the modern, as well as Taiwanese and world cultures. The inclusive events are an opportunity for cultural exchange and for students to move from one art form to another, giving them a more complete understanding of the performance arts. By applying the inspiration from this interdisciplinary approach to percussion performances, the student will ignite his or her creativity when taking to the stage.